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May 10, 2014

 I agree that the shrinking voting population is mostly due to many from all peoples being dispassionate with the system, especially so here in the commonwealth. I wonder if people really consider the power we are handing over to the fraction of the populous that exercises their vote. To me, it's like 75% of us are taking this one simple thing that enables us to control the nature of the role government and regulation has in our lives and just handing it over, like "we don't want this, thank you." Creating what becomes an unwitting elite voting population. If I were a person that consistently cast my vote, I would feel a responsibility and power unique to two thirds of all people that I come into contact with. I've always had a fascination with this subject and know how rapid and with what contrast our environment would change if the number were reversed and 75% of the population voted. The local Latino community is especially underrepresented at local polls. In Leominster and Fitchburg the Latino population is nearly double the national percentage yet we see no Latino last names or individuals in elected positions locally. Not a legislator or city councilperson in either city. This could be our most passionate people! And apparently they just hand it over, like "No queremos esto, gracias."
93% of black people voted in the last two presidential elections and look at the contrast that has created.